Are you being served?…

We all have problems, issues call them what you will. But what happens when you can’t leave them at home?  “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile”….goes the song, not that easy is it? 

Intuition and the ‘knack’ to read people, does not come easy to everyone.  You either have it or you don’t, if you don’t it will come with experience, if you do and your anything like me there are days when you will feel blessed about having this gift and there are days where you will feel it’s a curse!

I am a believer that people don’t mean to be rude, aggressive or deliberately difficult.  I have determined during my 5 and a bit years at Aveda, that if you dig deep enough there is a lot more going on than first thought.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with the public your ‘bread and butter’ is never to take anything personally.  If someone has met you for the first time and they have launched a tirade of words like…”You never get it right, why do I always have to explain myself more than once”?  Logic will tell you that it’s not you they are really shouting at but your own insecurities will have you believe otherwise.

Stay cool, calm and collected…explain that you will do what you can to help and that whilst you cannot explain things at that moment you will do your best for them.  Simple if you know how!

I can honestly say that I cannot remember a time where I haven’t been able to turn a negative situation into a positive…I get a buzz out of it to be honest but then that’s what floats my boat!  If you have any questions or queries about how to handle situations effectively in your business or if you have an issue that you are faced with now and need some guidance…’Ask Michelle’

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