Speak now or forever hold your peace…

I like technology, I mean, how else would I be able to communicate with you guys? 

E-mail, texts, posts, tweets the list goes on what a great way to network and keep in touch with people from all over the globe!

The problem?  Yes, there is one….people avoid conversations and truth.

 E-mailing when you’re feeling emotional, angry or stressed can come out in what you’re writing.  I go over and over my e-mails before I send them out especially when they are work related…words are powerful and they can mean many things from one person to another. I now have my e-mailing skills down…it took time but I got there.

We all talk each day about ‘stuff’. We laugh together, talk about our problems and everyone else’s.  But how many of us use our phones and laptops to tell someone the one thing they don’t want to hear?

It’s a cop out for so many, maybe they don’t want to upset that person and don’t message at all in the hope that they will forget (wishful thinking), maybe they do message because it’s easier or maybe they lack courage?

How many of you get a text and you read it over and over wondering what it means? You look at the words, the smiley face, the ‘X’ and the word ’babe’ missing at the end of the text and you still don’t get it? What a waste of your time, energy and thoughts!  I speak to so many who say “Michelle, look at this text, what does it mean”. 

I’m no expert I can try to read between the lines but no one should have to…so speak people be brave it will make your lives so much easier if that’s what you want?…You know who you are. X 

© Michelle Sotiriou 2011

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