Driving Miss Michelle…

Finding the right driving instructor is like finding the perfect pair of shoes, they need to fit, be painless and have a good sole!!

I had three!  The first shouted at me the whole time….his name escapes me….so shout at me and I’ll forget you quickly.  The second was Nik ‘The Greek’ who’d get me to park up, buy us a coffee and ask my advice, ask michelle’ about his encounters with the ladies!  I got a complete run down of what he’d been up to the night before.  I soon worked out that I should have been charging him for my counselling service instead of me paying him in full for half a driving lesson…bye, bye Nik!

And then there was the third, and it was third time lucky.  I passed first time and as everyone knows it is one of the best feelings of achievement you will ever have…why?  Because you did it yourself and if you persevere you’ll get what you deserve.
In my case it was a Skoda for 300 quid! 

© Michelle Sotiriou 2011

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