She Be a Poet – Everybody’s Pushin’

Image credit: https://pin.it/6M5bfly

Everybody’s pushin’, tap in tap out, the train of life,

Squeezin’ past and touchin’, where you’ve never dared before,

Her Gucci bag takes up more space, lodged, it blocks the door. 

Kindles brighten faces, reflecting tired lines what’s new,

Smell of turning pages, where has it gone for the reminiscent, technophobic few.

Everybody’s pushin’, she can’t wait to claim a seat,

fuming at this charming man, stamped on by size 10 feet.

Chattin’ girls got energy its 7 in the morning,

of players who turned the other cheek and the lame who left them yawning.

Freshly rolled out from their pit, the duvet is still warm,

make-up bags are out in force, avoiding massacre by mascara,

Painful poke in the eye-ball, there’s nothing worse.

Everybody’s pushin’, then my God its crude,

They wait until they step on board, stinkin’ wind; I know it’s you!

A deliberate violation of the senses, No5 you no it ain’t,

releasin’ last nights dinner, there’s no escape!

Was it him or her I know it wasn’t me, through process of elimination,

it could be one of three.

Everybody’s pushin’, this heat I feel so faint, too short to reach up for the bar,

I dream of the journey home, ahhh mate!!

© Michelle Sotiriou 2015


Sorry Not Sorry – Don’t Break a Sweat Will You!

Remember the good old days when people said sorry? The days when you didn’t have to look ‘inside yourself’ and ask why YOU attracted it? (whatever IT might be) Now, we live in a world where God forbid you blame someone else or expect the person/people who have thrown you under a bus to be accountable.

Further more, after ‘looking inside yourself’, you are now being encouraged to ‘let it go’? This new Frozen mantra leaves me a bit cold and frost bites! I have had more than my share of ice-cold stabbing pains in the past four years and am amazed at the lengths people will travel to avoid an apology; hoping they can count on my dislike for confrontation to save them from reasoning their shifty actions.

Before anyone can let anything go, they need to hear the words, “I’m sorry”. As an expert in being dropped from a great height by the most unexpected sources, it wouldn’t go a miss. For all the wrong that people do (and they know what those wrongs are) how difficult can saying one word really be?

Sorry really does seem to be the hardest word for some as they carry on regardless in a deluded haze, believing that they won’t ever have to. Blame is now considered to be a strong word, stronger than the ‘F’ word even. When did this happen and why is a perfectly acceptable word now seen as the new expletive?

Maybe this all boils down to what is right and wrong on a moral level. The values which you were probably brought up with but have conveniently forgot in order to get what you want in this dog eat dog world?

It’s a bit like my daily commute to work and the fight for a seat like a stand-off in a spaghetti western. A seat becomes free and I walk, not run, towards it. A man sees the same seat and scurry’s in a weasel like fashion to sit his butt down before me. He gets there before I do but the adrenaline filled steps he takes flop as he does on the seat. I stand  in front of him, taller and without breaking a sweat to ruin my morning make-up.

Man, woman or child, everyone is entitled to a seat on the train and how you get it is up to you. As for this seat grabber, if what he did was right, why did he sheepishly keep his head down for the entire journey? Unable to look up, he was the one sweating.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2015