She Be a Poet – Moonstruck

Something came over me, my emotions high

It struck me all of a sudden, super moon in the sky.

Blinded at first by foliage, green leaves and robust bark

My struggle to see super moon in the dark.

Fixed and undeterred, my feet unable to move

Toes stuck like needles in a revolving groove.

Transfixed my eyes are swaying, through clouds and pesky branches

I decide my fate is out there so I stand and take my chances.

Super moon had planned for me, a night spent by the window

Lovely and beguiling, I can hear the wind blow.

The clearing of the clouds made way, the brightest opal

Super moon appeared to me, I begin to fall.

I feel a pang a tingling in my mind, something’s about to change,

Moonstruck the voice arrives to me, through the wind, it calls my name.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2014

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