Fierce Friend or Fake Foe?

I write this blog post happy, happy about the friends I have not the ones that I used to have. I’m not going to say I lost them because that implies that I want to find them again; I don’t! So, why are we so consumed with the ones that have cleared off? You are consumed with anger, disillusionment and will find any opportunity to get it off your chest as though there is unfinished business. We’re all guilty of this waste of time and it truly is a waste!

When a friend hurts you or maybe has stabbed you in the back with their sharp tongue there is no point in giving them the time of day anymore is there? You try to figure how they could be this dis-loyal and for anyone that is just getting to know me loyalty is a massive thing; without it there is nothing to base a friendship on and I consider myself blessed with the friends I have now. So what are the traits of a good and bad friend?

‘You’re not my friend’

·         They talk about you behind your back; they have time on their hands!

·         They give you advise that will benefit them; always looking to maximize their popularity!

·         They only call you when they want something; they have so shame!

·         You don’t hear from them after you have given them that something; still no shame!

·         They never start a conversation by asking how you are; they don’t ask at the end either!

·         They have friends to suit every agenda; “Now who can I use today”?

·         They avoid you when you have a problem; they disappear off the face of the earth!

·         They resent anything good in your life; why you and not them!

·         They don’t try and stop you from doing something stupid; they want you to look stupid!

·         They will take advantage when you do; your cock-up is their pleasure in life!

‘Your BFF’

·         Will encourage you; You go girl!!

·         Will sense when something is wrong and find out what it is; they make it their mission!

·         Will not avoid a touchy subject; the touchier the better!

·         Will defend you; people better watch out!

·         They won’t judge you; everyone has a past and they don’t mind yours!

·         Are never too busy and make time; a text will do!

·         Understand when you want to be alone; they are patient!

·         Will have your back; they let everybody know!

·         Will warn you against doing something stupid; really stupid!

·         Will be there if you do it anyway; not so stupid!

·         Will read my blog posts and ask everyone to do the same!

My message, like all inspirational friendships is simple; know your BFF’s or you’ll forever be saying WTF; FFS!!!!

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013

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