A Slice of Karma

I don’t know how you get inspired before doing what you do daily but for me music is the one thing that gives me the nudge I need to start my day off.  So as I was listening to a variety of music videos on youtube I came across Oprah Winfrey.  She hasn’t released a record, well I don’t think she has but she was talking about Karma; giving and receiving positive Karma and what that truly means.  For some reason, I was hypnotically drawn to watching something that I would have skipped through before but I’m glad I clicked the play key instead of scrolling through and finding Rhianna, “Where have you been, all my life”.

Oprah’s life class is well worth a watch and this particularly relevant to me lesson put into context the realization I have leaned towards for some time. Why are there negative forces in my life? Did I invite them in or did they knock on my life’s door conning me with their so-called welcoming homemade cake secretly wishing that I choke on its filling? Death by Fruit Loaf…I don’t want to go out like that!

If there’s one thing that offends me the most and will see you out of the door before I let you take a step further is when your sole intention is to make me feel foolish or worse use me when it suits then act as though I don’t exist. That’s just rude but I must have decided at some point that it was ok.  Acceptable treatment because I value my friends and family and I stick with people no matter what…loyal to my cost, at times. It confuses people when I back off, the defense mechanism that I have no choice but to use to protect myself, ‘maintain my sanity by keeping my distance’.

You’re all thinking, “She’s going to end up all alone with a house full of cats and her blog posts scattered all over the furniture, we’ll never find a sofa to sit down on”. Well you thought wrong, I love people and I’m really social; honest!  I’ve just come to understand through years of searching and questioning myself that the door is my door, I am in full control of whom I open it to and am happy to say that through distancing myself from certain people I have allowed the most beautiful souls in. I didn’t know this would happen but it has and am lucky enough to not count them on one hand but to count them on two.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t ever let the others back in, it just means that I’m letting go for as long as it takes them to understand themselves a little better than they did before and if one day they find themselves ready to knock with no agenda or reason other than to have a cup of tea with Shelly then I will happily eat a slice of that cake…with I hope, a cherry on top!

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013

3 thoughts on “A Slice of Karma”

  1. Funny.. I have been thinking along that line a lot lately.. What inspires me to.. Write.. Paint.. Cut… Colour.. Inspiration is what drives us and until lately I haven’t been this inspired since I was a teen!… And I’m wondering why??..
    I realise I’m most inspired by myself and my simple surroundings other than people whom cloud my judgment and install doubt.

    My inspiration comes from myself belief that what makes me smile from within. What makes you happy? Really happy? 🙂 ME


    1. It’s all about you honey. The rest seems to fall into place once you focus on you.
      Thank you for commenting and laughing! Life’s about fun too xxx


      1. Reading that sounds a little grim but I’m talking from honest experience and the hardest thing about a blog us the feedback so being self assured is key. Love yourself and life.. Good vibes.. See u soon xxx


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