Kids Say The Smartest Things…

Sometimes, we say things in front of kids that perhaps we should have phrased in a different way and in some cases shouldn’t have said at all.  We underestimate how their brains process things and how they are able to reach a conclusion using ‘pure’ thoughts before the ‘murky’ ones that cloud the brain in our adulthood creep in.

There we were, a room full of women talking about life, relationships and what to do with both.  As we are women, the subject of men came into the mix…in the words of Brad Pitt; ‘Inevitable’.

The question that came up was what should come first, a bit like the chicken or the egg.  A man or a life?  We didn’t get too personal or graphic as there was a 12-year-old present, just a bit of mindful banter.

The 12-year-old was my nephew who said, “You need to have your own life first and then you’ll find a man who will build a life with you…together”.

Dominic is the only male of the species I know that is able to silence a room full of women.  Who ever he chooses to build a life with will be a very lucky girl.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013

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