Is this your moment?

I woke up today thinking this is my moment!  This feel good thought got me out of bed and to my trusty laptop in the hope that I would write about how we can all make the most of this feeling.  Now I’ve sat down and doing the usual researching and writing down of ideas, I realize that actually a moment is brief and short lived.

This realization turned into an awkward moment but as it is a moment it didn’t last very long.  If a moment comes along it will give you a much needed burst of energy and the hope that what you have been missing has finally reared it’s head…grab it by the ears and hold on, that’s what I say!
You might be thinking, what’s the point?  Well, to pass on a moment could possibly mean that you miss an opportunity.  It’s like a stepping stone that can lead onto something that can really make a positive difference to your life.  Fear holds you back, but there is nothing worse than the desperation you feel after missing that moment and all you are left with is regret.

I’ve had some very memorable moments along with some that I would rather forget but you’re here for a good time not for a long time; that being said, make it a moment that will bring so many good things to you without hurting others or treading on their toes.  There is a balance that can be achieved without losing your integrity; keep yours whilst others are losing theirs.

Whitney Houston sang about ‘One Moment In Time’ when all of your dreams are a heartbeat away, Shania Twain sings how ‘From This Moment’ life has begun and Perry Como’s ‘Magic Moments’ where filled with love!  

Imagine, what only takes a moment could last a lifetime. 

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