Tell me a word, any word and I will show you the root of that word is Greek

The word Orphan is derived from ‘Orpheus’ the son of the Greek God Apollo and poetry muse Calliope.
A gifted musician, Orpheus married Eurydice but she died on their wedding day from a snake bite.  He was desperate to be reunited with her in the underworld and the King and Queen there agreed after he sang his plea; which even bought a tear to the eye of the dark spirits.  It was agreed that they could leave together as long as they did not look at each other whilst departing the underworld.  Orpheus looked back at Euridice just for a moment and as he did she slipped back; he lost her forever. 
He returned to this world alone and wandered through the woods playing music that reflected his sadness at losing his love.
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012

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