She came, she conquered…

Phobias, we all have them.  But what about the phobias that mean more to you, yet seem completely unbelievable to others?  I’m not talking about a fear of heights or deep water. These are just two which suggest possible danger and you would be right to protect yourself ‘safety first’.  No, I’m referring to weird phobias.
I have a thing about buttons, the very thought of button’s makes me cringe and touching them? Ahhhhhh!  One phobia I had no choice but to overcome was my fear of spiders.  There I was in the ‘ladies room’ and an 8 legged friend decided to chill on the toilet paper.  A face-off between me and the beast ensued but when nature calls there can only be one winner!  Phobia conquered.
Dentists and motorbikes are two more phobias I wanted to look square in the eyes and beat.  Well, I had the opportunity to do both on a trip to Romania, Bucharest to be precise.  We landed to the sound of passengers clapping.  Clapping because we’d landed safely or clapping because they were happy to be in Bucharest?  I still haven’t figured out which but a happy clapper can’t be a bad thing.
The reason for my trip was to have some dental work done at HappyDent. Seriously I never thought going to a dentist would be so much fun.  Vlad (the dentist) would play Dean Martin to put me at ease and it worked like a dream. I love Deano anyway, there’s nothing like the sound of a crooner when you’re in the dentist’s chair about to open wide. Injections and plenty of them make you want to sing along, try singing ‘Volare’ with an open mouth…believe me it’s not easy!
New teeth, a new found confidence and a bike ride through Bucharest was now on offer.  Yes, Vlad (the dentist) has a Dragster beautiful, sexy and purrs like a kitten. A piece of art in my opinion. Chrome and metallic green a beast of a machine and his pride and joy.  My fear turned to excitement, I couldn’t wait to climb on and feel the power.  Theresa (the dentists wife) loaned me a helmet, pink and not really me. I was expecting a black number with skull and crossbones etched on the side…I was getting ahead of myself.
After holding onto Vlad (the dentist) for dear life and head butting him from behind with the pink helmet, I got into my stride.  Fear was replaced with a feeling of euphoria and if I could have patted myself on the back I would have but like I said I was holding on…tight. Memories that will stay with me forever.  New friends, new experiences and new teeth! 
I have learned that phobias and fears only supress good feelings. Trust in yourself and you will feel good…what’s so scary about that?
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012

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