Oh Julio…

“To all the girls I’ve loved before.”  Yes, Julio Iglesias was glad they came along he dedicates this song to all the girls he’s loved before, all 3,000 of them…allegedly.  Beating him with 8,000 women is a porter that worked at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas. I wonder what his talent was.
But have you ever heard a female singing about ALL the men she’s loved before? It sounds very romantic and acceptable when Julio expresses his gratitude and probably gets a pat on the back for his efforts. So how would it go down if a woman did the same?
Is it about numbers and how many you can bed (I’m being polite) or is it about experience and lots of it? 
I hear people talk about about ‘intimate encounters’, the age of the people they talk about is given as a reason for the things they do.  I think that’s partly the reason or maybe an excuse?  I would say that experience and how you choose to deal with your actions has more to do with it than anything else. I know people in their 20’s who have had more experience than people in their 40’s…there are things I still don’t know! 
I was 13 years old and friends at school started talking about sex.  It seemed they knew what they were talking about, or did they? 
Not having the confidence that some of my school friends had and feeling like they would laugh at me, I styled it out expertly not saying a word just throwing my head back with a giggle and thinking please, someone change the subject.  Who’s number one in the charts?  Who shot JR? Anything would have been better than this torture.  
My confidence has grown since then so now I have no problem in saying, I never heard of that before, what is it?  Now, if people laugh I laugh with them, my honesty and that fact that I have no issue at all with asking no matter how it sounds or seems is actually my saving grace. 
Experience has taught me that.
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012

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