What is your first memory? 
Mine is trying to use the toilet for the first time on my own and falling in butt first! My dad found me and instead of helping me out, he stood there laughing.  It is a moment in my life that brings a smile to my face when I think of it.
But, what if we could all be like Dory, from ‘Finding Nemo’.  No memory at all meaning we would never have any recollection of what’s gone on before.
The problem with that would of course be that all the good memories would also be erased forever, you know those memories that can enter your mind when you’re walking down the street and everyone that passes you wonders what on earth you are smiling about.
So what affects us most?  It is the memory of something good, bad, upsetting or even naughty!!
I have no complaints about some of those memories but I do think about some of them, especially those which can affect the way that determines how we live our lives in the present and future.
Sure, we can all move on and try to build a life worth living but our history has a massive impact on us and is the basis for the decisions we make.  That history may not be in our thoughts when deciding on things, but it is in our subconscious.
Respect to everyone who has been through something and has endeavoured to move on with their lives in a positive way.  Shame on those who were responsible for making you fight for it!
Give someone a memory that they don’t want to forget, give someone a memory that will bring a smile to their face, give someone a memory that will come into their mind when they need it the most.

Hurtful actions and words equally have the same impact on a person. Protect children from them and you will have saved them from a mind that is sometimes unbearable to live with.
The greatest gift you can give anyone is a happy thought.
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012

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