It’s my life…

Ever wonder why people feel the need to stop something from happening to you?  I’m not talking about saving you from a possible accident or a crazy shopper who nearly knocks you over for that last bunch of bananas!  I’m talking about people who think they know best when it comes to what’s good or bad for you.  Do they know best?  Should they interfere? What gives them the right to perhaps alter your life’s path? 
If they sense potential danger, then that’s one thing.  A true friend will always have your back and will want to protect you.  A family that cares will do the same.
You’re probably thinking our destiny is up to us and we attract the people that want to hurt us.  I personally think that’s a cop out, people that do you wrong get away with it and you take the blame….I don’t think so.
One of the main reasons for people getting in ‘your’ way is envy.  Yes, that ugly green eyed monster who will stop at nothing to stop you.  I have seen healers, gurus, fortune teller’s you name it over the years and each one has mentioned the green eyed monster and have told me to be wary. Great!  How do you deal with other people’s insecurities?  The honest answer is you can’t.  Just rise above it and carry on, be yourself and never change.
So please, if you are not happy with your lot do something to change it instead of focusing your energy on what someone else has or could potentially have. This energy is so negative and will make it much harder for you to live the life you want.
So live! Make mistakes! How can we say we’ve lived if we haven’t made the odd mistake or two?  The trick is not to make that same mistake twice.  Every situation is a lesson and if you didn’t learn the first time then you’ll be a pupil forever and never a teacher.
© Michelle Sotiriou 2011

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