Self-Protection – Is It Time to Demolish The Wall You Built?

I can’t count the times I have watched the epic Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The Egyptian queen and Roman warrior fall deeply and madly in love, intense stuff from the real life lovers. Made in 1963, this 4 ½ hour historical drama had its fair share of drama before even being made but thankfully they pulled it off and is recognised for being the film that changed Hollywood.

I tell you, man can’t go into battle or think straight when a woman is on his mind more than the enemy at the gate. Marc Anthony lost the plot a soldier who could go into cold-blooded battle but when faced with love adopts tactics which are unrecognisable to his legions. He found what could’ve been peace of his own, fortunately for him it was the right woman but tragically, the wrong time.

Timing is everything and yet there are those who wonder why they met that certain someone when they did, why they didn’t get the job they have dreamed of and why nothing ever works out the way they want it to. Now scared of those crushing feelings, the imaginary wall you have built around your mind to block a soldier or queen entering your world gets higher and higher obstructing any rays the warming sun is trying desperately to shine on you.

Self-protection means that you value your life, feelings and the future you see for yourself but it can also have an adverse effect. Fearful of losing the balance you have now found, you risk letting go of the one thing that will support, understand, listen and be there when your balance tips to one side. This doesn’t mean that you expect everything to be done for you; a meaningful and long-lasting friendship or relationship should be about encouraging each other…nothing less.

Recognise those who add stress, pressure and confusion, finding reasons for these negatives will only distract you from what your mind and soul desire.

Know who are the curious, inspiring, energetic, inviting and selfless. Time is precious to them, they will add value and enhance the hours in your day, not waste them.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2014

‘Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be’

Abraham Lincoln

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