Mens Fashions – What are you wearing?

I think it was Mark Twain who once said ‘Clothes make the man’? He had a point and we all love a sharp dressed man don’t we? It’s something of a turn on when a fella can wear threads with confidence and represent himself through colour and the cut of his cloth. Am I being fickle and blind to the fact that he might have a personality? Tell that to Tom Ford who knows exactly what a woman wants and a man needs.

If he gets it right, that says more about his personality and the man he knows he is. Fashion is frowned upon by so many  but this inspired art form led by so many iconic material men and women, shouldn’t be undervalued or misunderstood. Of course it’s all a matter of personal taste but a man who chooses to take care of himself suggests that he is capable of looking after you…it’s not all about vanity.

When I watch movies such as Sex and The City, I always think wow, these women know who they are and the beautifully crafted clothes they wear really are an extension of them. Manolo Blahnik might be out of your price range but if you look hard enough there are some worthy alternatives.

Sadly, clothes are also used as a cover up, hiding a multitude of emotions and situations giving way to the real fashion victim. Your own personal identity can be hard to define at the best of times, finding it in your worst is like hitting the sales too late only to find that they have run out of the size that fits.

We all have very different tastes and perhaps base our fashion ideas on our youth and memories of how our parents would dress to go to a family wedding or works party. My dad was always well dressed, according to him he dressed like James Dean in his teens (I only had his word for that) very rebel without a cause, just like my dad. Later, I would see him in Pierre Balmain suits and I’m sure that’s where I get my views on how men should present themselves.

Men have so many more choices now and how they style themselves can be an impressive reflection of who they are. A suit isn’t a necessary every day requirement but having at least one in your wardrobe is. Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake and Tinie Tempah are in my opinion the ones who get it right both casually and formally. There is of course one more piece that I need to mention, denim! Blue, grey, black and dirty…I would be at a complete loss without it.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2014

“I have often said that I wish I had invented the blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes”

Yves Saint Laurent


Self-Protection – Is It Time to Demolish The Wall You Built?

I can’t count the times I have watched the epic Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The Egyptian queen and Roman warrior fall deeply and madly in love, intense stuff from the real life lovers. Made in 1963, this 4 ½ hour historical drama had its fair share of drama before even being made but thankfully they pulled it off and is recognised for being the film that changed Hollywood.

I tell you, man can’t go into battle or think straight when a woman is on his mind more than the enemy at the gate. Marc Anthony lost the plot a soldier who could go into cold-blooded battle but when faced with love adopts tactics which are unrecognisable to his legions. He found what could’ve been peace of his own, fortunately for him it was the right woman but tragically, the wrong time.

Timing is everything and yet there are those who wonder why they met that certain someone when they did, why they didn’t get the job they have dreamed of and why nothing ever works out the way they want it to. Now scared of those crushing feelings, the imaginary wall you have built around your mind to block a soldier or queen entering your world gets higher and higher obstructing any rays the warming sun is trying desperately to shine on you.

Self-protection means that you value your life, feelings and the future you see for yourself but it can also have an adverse effect. Fearful of losing the balance you have now found, you risk letting go of the one thing that will support, understand, listen and be there when your balance tips to one side. This doesn’t mean that you expect everything to be done for you; a meaningful and long-lasting friendship or relationship should be about encouraging each other…nothing less.

Recognise those who add stress, pressure and confusion, finding reasons for these negatives will only distract you from what your mind and soul desire.

Know who are the curious, inspiring, energetic, inviting and selfless. Time is precious to them, they will add value and enhance the hours in your day, not waste them.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2014

‘Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be’

Abraham Lincoln


Stupid Cupid? Relationships

Relationships can take a lifetime to build and a moment to break. The most complicated of these relationships but essential is that of a man and a woman. So why is it something that we can’t live without?

It’s a basic human need that many try to fight off. Singletons will say, “I like being on my own, no one to cook for, no one hogging the bathroom in the morning, no one taking up the entire sofa, no one fidgeting annoyingly because you are watching a movie they hate”. But you have no one! No one to share the sofa with, no one to cry or laugh with when you are watching a movie, no one to share a bath with and no one to tell you that you make a mean spag bol!

Does the love of your life truly exist? I believe he or she is out there, even though at times, I have my doubts. I wonder what it feels like to meet someone who feels sure about you. No more game playing or passing the time, the text you send and check your phone every minute for a reply, you comment on their Facebook status and stare at the blue and white screen hoping that they will say something back. Women reply to everything, men are more likely to hold back. A hint perhaps, that they are keeping their distance for a reason.

You won’t know what that reason is you’ll just have to guess (maybe you already know the answer) Us women, we get such a buzz from male attention.; you remove every bit of unwanted hair just in case, lose a few pounds from the butterflies in your stomach, a spring in your step that a 100 meter runner can only dream of and become all giggly with a glint in your eye that says…here I am!! Pupils dilate and the twirling of your hair with newly manicured fingers is a giveaway; you’re not even aware of what you are doing.

Human behaviour; psychologists, doctors and Professor Robert Winston have spent years studying our emotions, signals and actions. Respected members of the medical profession, dedicated in their pursuit of understanding Adam and Eve. American comedian, author and writer George Carlin saw things from a different perspective.

“Here’s all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.” – George Carlin

Agree or disagree, that’s your choice. No one is wrong but someone will come along and be right.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2014