Forbidden Fruit : Is Sharing Caring?

‘The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her’.

Bob Marley

I start this blog with a quote from one of the coolest men to have ever lived. Bob Marley was married, had 6 children 2 of which he adopted and another 6 from different women. Feminists everywhere will be disgusted at these facts and will be burning their bras in united protest. I watched a documentary recently about a Jamaican man who was married to the same woman for over 20 years and had 15 children not all of them by her. He’s got time! It all seemed very normal to him and his family but the trend on Twitter wasn’t so understanding.

This isn’t a Jamaica slamming blog, trust me when I say that many men have baby’s from other mothers; this way of life is not exclusive to Jamaicans. There are those who choose to hide it by ignoring their child completely or handing the mother a few quid so as not to rock the boat he is smoothly sailing on. For all those reading this hissing and man hating you do know that this kind of arrangement works and is acceptable for a lot of these women?

Once again we are back to preconceived ideas and the notion that anything other than 1 + 1 is outrageous and insensitive. We all know about Adam and Eve and the belief that God created them to live in paradise on earth; that was until he tested Adam and Eve was tricked too, eating a banana when she shouldn’t have done..tut tut! Like them you will probably choke on the forbidden fruit that you have taken a large bite from or you’ll get a granny smith thrown at you with force.

Women do have a choice and whilst some are honestly unaware of his fruity antics there are others who know exactly what they are getting into and accept it as their lot in life. Are they happy with sharing him though? We ask children to share from a young age as it teaches them how to give and be selfless so are we contradicting ourselves now by saying sharing a partner is out of the question? Well I don’t believe sharing is caring when it comes to this subject; a woman who knows her weight in fruit won’t put up with feeling like a gooseberry while he’s out popping cherries!

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013

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