Shelly’s Bush: A Story of Being Led Down The Garden Path

The Hydrangea is a plant native to countries such as Japan, China, the mystical mountains of the Himalayas and Edmonton North London! Forgive my sarcastic tone as I have so obviously exclaimed that Edmonton isn’t as fragrant in sight or smell as some of the other destinations I’ve mentioned but I’m sure as you read on you will understand my reason for this.

Imagine a suburban garden laced with sleepy lavender and Hydrangea bushes in full majestic bloom; a little haven of tranquillity and escape for my cousin (The other Shelly) who marvels in their beauty each morning as she sips her first cup of Yorkshire Tea. Now imagine whilst at work, Shelly receives a phone call with the devastating news that some random fella came along and mercilessly cut down her bush!

The Bush Hacker of Edmonton knocks on the door and Shelly’s mum Auntie Gina, answers and he says, “Your blooms are lovely, can I cut a couple to take home”? Auntie Gina is a 74-year old woman who remembers what it was like to trust your neighbours and not lend them some sugar but give it to them. “Of course you can”, she says and goes back to her morning dose of Jeremy Kyle. Not the crime of the century so you won’t find a helicopter hovering over the area as is usual when tracking down herb or plant ‘enthusiasts’ in that area. But still…

The Bush Hacker of Edmonton didn’t just clip one or two of these pink blooms that elegantly transform into rich russet; no he cuts the lot…the bush had been stripped naked. How is it so easy for people to stunt the growth of something so beautiful without a conscience? Do they have any idea how long it takes for roots to be embedded deep enough for you to stand strong? Why would anyone want to cut the abundant petals as they start to appear? And how can you rip away something that is blooming lovely?

It is unimaginable to me that there are those who instead of becoming beautiful themselves would rather hack away at others making them feel ugly and indeed replace their floral view with barren twigs; stiff, dull and in desperate need of nourishment to grow once more. Well, the magic of growth is that all living things do in good time, so I say let the ‘Hackers’ revel in their own manure… those that flourish with purity will acquire a sweeter aroma.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013

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