Call of Duty v The Call of Your Woman : And The Winner is…

It’s sad when marriages and relationships reach the point of no return. Among the top 10 reasons for these irretrievable breakups is boredom. I’d love to know what bores men in the marital or shared home but as I’m a woman I can only guess. There are many more deep and emotionally disturbing reasons and each painful story we hear doesn’t make for easy listening. We are lead to believe that there were less divorces back in the day because family values and the vows made before God meant that you had a duty to see things through; I’m sure there is some truth in that belief but I’m going to look at things from a slightly different angle.

I blame the boredom so many women have to endure daily on technology. Whilst innovative technology has proved to be an absolute god send in so many areas of our lives it has also turned the most interesting, attentive and enthusiastic men into complete strangers. I’m going to take this theory all the way back to the light bulb, I never thought seeing the light would be a negative but before Thomas Edison’s invention people went to bed earlier giving them more time together…the reason perhaps for so many large families?

The remote control is my next perpetrator! Glued to his hand he is the only one able to decipher the worn out buttons after pressing them so much. Women up and down the country feeling like they are second best to the LCD TV that takes up an entire wall, not knowing if he feels your presence in the room or worse he knows and asks you for a cup of tea…babe! We are now in a sorrier state than before and the remote control and pestiferous plasma are just the start of things to come.

You have all become widows of FIFA13/14 and Call of Duty your men wishing they could use their size nine’s like Messi and fight like Rambo; meanwhile your soldier is lost in action gone A.W.O.L and you have no idea when he will be home on leave. He’s up all night competing with people he’s never even met and prefers these invisible souls to the girl he once bent over backwards for and wooed incessantly to win over. He has no idea that his opponent isn’t the only one he is crushing…

Men are visual creatures and when something catches their eye they will look, I would find it strange if they didn’t. The problem, I believe, is that they aren’t looking at you anymore. You find yourself saying, “But all they could see was me before”. “He couldn’t keep his eyes off me”. “He’s changed”. It’s true that many (not all) women crave attention and lap it up when a man gives her what she wants but maybe he doesn’t feel he has to…anymore.

He thinks you should already know what he sees in you but now and then we have a need to be reminded; trouble is men don’t like repeating themselves. Interesting really as they don’t mind playing the same game over and over. I’m not saying they shouldn’t play just that balance and mutual understanding takes time and effort if he or she is worth it. To console means to alleviate sorrow but fellas you have been mislead; the games console you’re having a fling with will bring you nothing but grief. Switch it off from time to time and switch on to the Call of Your Woman!

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013

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