Can You Love Two People At The Same Time?

These desperate days have seen a rise in people seeking spiritual awareness and we now love everyone and everything! So why is it when people say they are in love with not one person but two does it become a strenuous tug of war with the heartstrings and mind?  Clearly people are more than capable of having sex with more than one person at a time, that would be more about having experiences or a high sex drive…I’m no snob and believe you should have encounters that make you smile on the train to work only to realize that people are watching you recall your afternoon of ‘playfulness’. As long as it’s safe, consensual and you’re not hurting anyone you gotta do what you gotta do!

So what happens when feelings are now part of the equation?  You never thought it could be possible to love two people simultaneously but here you are ‘Torn between two lovers’ (like the song says) but the lyrics also say feeling like a fool.  But why is it foolish?  Love isn’t for fools and for anyone who doesn’t believe in it I feel a deep sadness for you.  You love each person because he or she has certain qualities that draw you to them.  Perhaps they are the qualities that you need just one person to have in abundance.

Two stars have fallen from the sky smack bang in the middle of your life and you think you have to choose one of them; perhaps this is the universe’s way of helping you to understand which love is good for you?  It’s a force that you can’t reckon with but it is a force that when shared with one person is all you need.  People come along and turn things upside down, inside out and confuse you.  Try thinking outside of the box you are in where all you see is them when actually the answer is somewhere else.  You won’t be able to notice that yet but if you keep the windows of your soul open the ‘One’ will appear.

I go on a lot about the ‘One’ especially in previous blogs and whilst many people I know have given up on it I refuse to!  You see there are reasons why you go through things in life, some life changing and some mind bending (trust me I know) but what will never change is that there is a reason for everyone who walks in and walks out.  I can just about cope with one man strolling in but two?  No doubt these two people are special but have you thought about their weak points?

Cupid has shot his arrow twice, the greedy swine you’re delicate heart now pierced in two places; you can’t see straight for the love cloud that is circling around you like an unstoppable tornado…you are trapped.  Can being trapped in this triangle really be love?  You find yourself in an impossible situation and the only escape route is to ask questions and plenty of them.  Perhaps, when you are ready there is just one question that needs to answered…  …which one of the two, loves YOU more??

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013

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