Say what you mean, mean what you say…

Barack Obama has one, Danny De Vito is about to lose his and some are waiting for a ring on it to be one.I’m rambling but yes I’m talking about being a wife, missus, her indoors…a wifey for lifey!
I got news for you ladies, it won’t happen unless he wants it to. Try as you might if he’s not feeling it you will drive yourself mad wondering why…why drive yourself crazy when you can steer yourself into a different  direction where the view is a whole lot better?
If you don’t the following will happen:
  • You turn into Glenn Close, a bunny boiler and a general pain in the backside
  • You don’t take the hint. You read a message that says, “I’ve got a lot on at the minute babe, don’t know when we’ll be going out for that drink.” All you see is the word BABE!
  • You spy!  Yes, you become a voyeur looking for any signs of hope or foul play
  • You waste time, your precious time
This happens to just about everyone; we have all had or have our Kryptonite.You can only function with him but take it away and you lose all your strength and purpose.One person can do all that, one person!  Seems a bit silly really when there are approximately 7 billion people living on this planet and our attention is on just one of them.  This would be the logical answer but love and logic don’t always see eye to eye.
Men are not known for their communication skills, especially when it comes to delivering news that you don’t want to hear.  Do they lack courage? Some definitely do but I like to think that somewhere deep in that masculine layer of testosterone and bravado there is a sensitive side that would not want to see you hurt.  The problem for women is that being let down gently means it doesn’t end.  If he can’t get to the point and be honest isn’t that an indication of how your life would have been if you remained together or got together?
Men know what they are looking for and in between finding her they will have their fun and why shouldn’t they?  You are all very willing to participate at the time but can you handle it when it all comes to a halt? If he is  lucky she will walk away with her head held high and with grace, if he’s not then batten down the hatches; hell hath no fury than a woman who is being messed with!
Protect yourselves at all times:
  • If he asks you out for dinner, go
  • If he asks you out for a drink, don’t get drunk
  • Bullshit or truth, know the difference
  • If you message back and forth with innuendo and jokes, stop
  • If he likes you he will call you not message you
  • If he shows signs of aggression verbal or otherwise, don’t make excuses or find reasons for this
  • If he doesn’t like you expanding your mind, leave
  • If you don’t want him to expand his, you leave
  • If he needs to get someone’s opinion of you first, he can’t think for himself
  • If you need to ask someone’s opinion on him, you have doubts
  • Be discreet, some things should be sacred and not to be shared with others
Greek myth states that long ago, each body came with four arms, four legs and two faces.  According to legend, Zeus cut them in half to separate the two souls making one weak without the other.  It seems we are all probably just trying to find that missing piece in order to feel complete again.  In the meantime, we will find parts that are an awkward and sometimes painful fit, like wearing a pair of size 4 shoes when you need a size 5.  You are bruised, bleeding, aching and sore; but you chose to wear them. Choose wisely and you will be walking on air instead of hot coals…ouch ouch ouch!
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012

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