Do it for the kids!

So I promised myself that all my blog entries would be non-emotional,I’m not one to break promises but this is a first and if things don’t change it may not be the last.
Tia Sharp was just 12 years old when she went missing,her story has captivated anyone with a heart and the news that she was found murdered in her grandmother’s home has devastated so many people.  Her grandmother’s partner has been accused of this horrific and unimaginable act.  So how well did her grandmother know him? Did she turn a blind eye just because he’s her fella?  The truth will come out eventually, it always does.
It’s easy for me to remain impartial and non- judgmental about a variety of topics, after all we are all different and it’s something to embrace not shun.  But how can it be possible for me to write about the lack of protection, safety and love for children and see it from all sides?   The truth is I don’t particularly want to see it from all sides, nothing winds me up more and I’m quite sure that the majority of you feel the same.  
These so called adults, who have been blessed with the most precious gift, seem intent on destroying its heart and soul.  Their reasons they give for this are usually “I don’t know any different” or “You don’t know how hard it is”.  Psychologists will look deep into their past and draw comparisons from their childhood that will explain this aggressive behaviour.  I get that but come on!  So many people have unhappy memories of their childhood that they have to live with and it’s hard.  But many of them would fight tooth and nail so that their own children never feel what they did.  Some decide not to have children as a result, that in itself is sad but I admire anyone who makes that decision.
“You’re not a mother so you don’t know what you’re talking about”,is what I get told when I say my peace.  It’s a weak and pathetic answer; actually it’s not an answer at all. I may not be a mother but I was a kid once.  So who comes first you or your kids? You’re new boyfriend or your kids?  You’re new girlfriend or your kid’s? You have kid’s because you want a cuddle?  Shouldn’t you be cuddling them?   
Guess what, your childhood has been and gone, bad or good it’s in your past. Yes, it has probably made you who you are today but you have a brain so use it.  Think about what you’re doing, think about what you’re saying; words and insults have a profound effect but then you would know that. The thought of abusing any child physically or mentally makes me sick to my stomach and there is absolutely no excuse for it.   
The cycle of abuse has to stop there should be no argument for it at all, you can keep the excuses that you call reasons…there is an army of decent people that don’t want to hear what they are, you won’t be getting any cuddles from me or them that’s for certain!
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012

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