So you want to hide something?  That’s really what a secret is, but who do you trust to keep a secret for you?
Tread carefully and with caution as some things are best kept to yourself if you know what’s good for you. There are those that make it their mission to find out every detail and ‘dish the dirt’ at every opportunity.  This is alien to me as the last thing I would want to do is ‘out’ someone.  I have been told things that I will take to the grave, and people know that.
If someone asks you to keep something to yourself you should try to do just that. It may be unfair as they have now put you in an awkward position but trust is important.  Every situation is different so this is where your judgement comes into play.  If we think about it, the main reasons for keeping quiet are probably that you want to protect someone else’s feeling and if we are honest, our own too. 
What are people’s motives for wanting to spill the beans?  This is a minefield, if you know something that could potentially affect the way people live and are passionate about the rights of people in general then shout about it…there would be no stopping me that’s for certain.  Envy, insecurity and the worst motive of all boredom would have people talking about affairs of the heart.  Not theirs but other people’s, how sad.
So what should you do?  Stay home, don’t go to work, have no friends, delete your Facebook account, speak to  no one, look at no one…stop living!   Please, you don’t have to stop doing the things I’ve just mentioned all because other people can’t help themselves.  
The truth is you can’t stop them and you probably don’t want to stop what you do either even though your conscience is niggling at you.  The angel on one shoulder is saying “Don’t do it” and the devil on the other shoulder is saying “Do it, do it”.  

Such is life and human nature, there are some things you just can’t change…or hide.
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012

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