I think we’ve met before…

What attracts us to certain people?  Blue eyes, green eyes, long legs, nice hands, whatever takes your fancy!
And why do we connect to some and not others?  Compatible or incompatible star signs or maybe it’s because you have history…past life history.
 I think there’s something in the statement “I know you from somewhere but I can’t think where”.  So what you all think maybe a chat up line may actually hold some value.  That’s for you guys to work out!
Attraction is a powerful thing and you can bring people into your life just with the energy you put out each day.  I’ve wished for things and on reflection I got what I wished for, perhaps not in the most perfect way but then my timing is not the best…never has been.
Once you connect with someone ‘good’ whatever the circumstances, embrace every moment.  Some of these moments are short lived for many reasons but grab them while you can and learn to let go when it is ‘good’ for you.  Someone ‘good’ will always want to be a part of your life, consider yourself blessed when that happens.
I have learned that if you feel even the smallest doubt about someone or a situation to be careful…I always go by my ‘gut instinct’ or ‘intuition’ … it is stronger than ever, a feeling that I can’t ignore.
 I went by that intuition last year and I connected with some special people…why?  I think I knew them before…you’re all thinking “She’s lost the plot” but I know I haven’t!  I gained so much from embracing these new, true friends.  What a year!!
I’m a believer that things happen for a reason.  Keep an open mind… let people in or let people go?  That’s up to you but one thing is certain, both mean the beginning of something new.
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012

2 thoughts on “I think we’ve met before…”

  1. This is a lovely post Michelle! Very well written and very true in regards to intuition – the gut instinct is usually right 🙂


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