Oo La love!

My school trip to Boulogne, France was the first time I fell in love! I know, cheesy but true.  I was thirteen and extremely green around the gills!
Well, we were all mucking around on the coach as kids do and he touched my knee….that’s all.  It was like 10,000 volts of electricity passing through my body…shocking!  So this is what it feels like to fall in love for the first time on a coach to catch a ferry?

I don’t remember very much about Boulogne sorry France but I was in love!!!!  I just about remembered the French cheese I promised my parents I would buy.  The ferry trip back was something I can only describe as a scene from Titanic with Jack and Rose running up and down the deck and that famous scene in,  ‘From here to Eternity’.  No, obviously there was no beach but there was a storm and the waves crashed onto the decks in dramatic fashion.

We were all free to roam around on the deck even though there was a storm…our so called teachers and guardians for the day where in the bar calming their nerves with a few glasses of ‘Le Piat Dor’.  My heart pounded as I ran up and down but it didn’t feel like I was running…..I think it was more a skip and a jump.  I hid in gangways but he always managed to find me, I appeared shy and starry eyed as our eyes met with the wind and the English Chanel sea salt in the air.  

We reached home and the end of what was a magical day.  Did he become my boyfriend? Yes he did…I fell hook line and sinker!   

© Michelle Sotiriou 2011