To Smile Or Not To Smile? Silly Question!

Apparently, this is a fact; on average a woman smiles 62 times a day and a man only 8.  An interesting statistic don’t you think?  So why do women have more to smile about? And why are men moody so and so’s (allegedly)?  Questions questions!  I’m a sucker for a smile and the ‘bad boy’ work me out if you can strategy used by some men is tiresome and a waste of energy.  But not all women feel the way I do; they love a bit of moody male and make getting to the bottom of the moodiness their life’s mission…impossible!

Hide behind a smile

To be honest, it never occurred to me that we smile more than men.  Women tend to smile when faced with adverse situations and use it as a disguise when they don’t want people to know of any unpleasantness or struggle going on; it’s a front used so people don’t have to worry about them/us.  Not healthy and quite harmful in the long-term.

Smile with your eyes

Us girl’s do tend to use our smile, pout and flutter those thick with mascara eyelashes to let a man know we’re interested, he may not act on these alluring methods but what man isn’t going to notice a pretty girl smiling at him?  Maybe women are longing to be noticed and a smile is just as good a tool as any to let him know you exist.  If you think this man of few words Vin Diesel type hasn’t clocked your facial muscles go into smile spasm you are mistaken, whether he makes his move or not he isn’t blind.

Smile, it’s not hard

I reckon the age of the macho man is dying a slow death and R.I.P to it!  The idea of a man not smiling because god forbid he shows any emotion or weakness is being slowly phased out and replaced by someone who is much more in tune with his emotions, someone who knows that it is absolutely fine to express his feelings and is comfortable in doing so.  The macho self-conscious type is becoming a trait of the past making way for a new male phenomenon.  Confident, self-assured and courageous; so much more attractive with a refreshing openness; Hallelujah!!

Two smiles are better than one

On a serious note, London isn’t the easiest city to live in for many reasons at the moment and is a possible contributing factor to the lack of general happiness.  Both men and women have pressures in equal measures but they differ depending on their expectations and vision of how they believe their life should be lived; so I’m not entirely convinced that the statistics in my opening paragraph are valid.  There is something that to me seems obvious, if there are two genders why aren’t we making sure that each has something to smile about?

Smile for real

Don’t be fooled into thinking that neither sex can tell the difference between a genuine or fake attempt to bring on a smile, the sad reality is that there will always be someone out there with an ulterior motive and will bust a gut to see that cheesy grin of yours when they are only interested in what’s in it for them; you’ll learn that the hard way but you will learn.

So smile!

The alternative isn’t worth looking at!

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013


Passion: Have You Found Yours?

Daft Punk stay up all night to Get Lucky and the lyrical genius that is Bruno Mars complains about being Locked Out of Heaven…for too long!!  Sex Is On Fire for the Kings of Leon and Elvis Presley was a Hunk o’ Burning Love (allegedly) I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that these songs are a warning against the perils of unsafe sex but  these brilliantly written and thought-provoking songs are about something that when administered even in small doses, can give a much-needed boost to the immune system…Passion!!

So what ignites your passion?  This could be anything really but essentially it is a desire for something or someone who makes you feel alive and gives you a burst of energy when you’re physical or emotional battery is running at its lowest.  Physical passions are spontaneous and exciting but they have a tendency to be short-lived, which is unfortunate but intellectual passions such as exploration and discovery can really enhance your life and the way you view things.  Interestingly, passion is of Latin origin and its meaning is ‘to suffer’.  Are we meant to suffer?  How can we appreciate the things we are fortunate enough to have or experience if we don’t?

You’re in a rut and can’t find what you’re looking for because you don’t know what it is, but it is clear that there is something missing and this deep unwavering feeling is going nowhere any time soon.  Looking inside yourself is something that we all do but I think after doing a lot of that myself, that the answers are elsewhere.  My passion got lost after I took more than one wrong turn on the proverbial yellow brick road.  The Dorothy myth of clicking my heels to get me where I belong didn’t work…wishing rarely does.

I now find myself in a place where I have gone full circle, a bit like an eclipsed moon that reaches its full, bright self.  The turning point for me was when I started reading the poems displayed on the London Underground.  This may sound strange to some but the words and their flow brought back memories of school and how I used to love listening to stories and writing a few odes myself.  Signs are everywhere, cliché I know but it’s the truest thing I ever heard!

It’s all about being ready and for the longest time I avoided to my detriment the view from my window; I know now that I had to experience a certain way of life to eventually enjoy and embrace the possibilities that would follow. Your passion may not find you so why wait? If you find yourself reaching up with one hand try using both; so you suffer a little or maybe a lot either way it means that you feel something.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013


Can You Love Two People At The Same Time?

These desperate days have seen a rise in people seeking spiritual awareness and we now love everyone and everything! So why is it when people say they are in love with not one person but two does it become a strenuous tug of war with the heartstrings and mind?  Clearly people are more than capable of having sex with more than one person at a time, that would be more about having experiences or a high sex drive…I’m no snob and believe you should have encounters that make you smile on the train to work only to realize that people are watching you recall your afternoon of ‘playfulness’. As long as it’s safe, consensual and you’re not hurting anyone you gotta do what you gotta do!

So what happens when feelings are now part of the equation?  You never thought it could be possible to love two people simultaneously but here you are ‘Torn between two lovers’ (like the song says) but the lyrics also say feeling like a fool.  But why is it foolish?  Love isn’t for fools and for anyone who doesn’t believe in it I feel a deep sadness for you.  You love each person because he or she has certain qualities that draw you to them.  Perhaps they are the qualities that you need just one person to have in abundance.

Two stars have fallen from the sky smack bang in the middle of your life and you think you have to choose one of them; perhaps this is the universe’s way of helping you to understand which love is good for you?  It’s a force that you can’t reckon with but it is a force that when shared with one person is all you need.  People come along and turn things upside down, inside out and confuse you.  Try thinking outside of the box you are in where all you see is them when actually the answer is somewhere else.  You won’t be able to notice that yet but if you keep the windows of your soul open the ‘One’ will appear.

I go on a lot about the ‘One’ especially in previous blogs and whilst many people I know have given up on it I refuse to!  You see there are reasons why you go through things in life, some life changing and some mind bending (trust me I know) but what will never change is that there is a reason for everyone who walks in and walks out.  I can just about cope with one man strolling in but two?  No doubt these two people are special but have you thought about their weak points?

Cupid has shot his arrow twice, the greedy swine you’re delicate heart now pierced in two places; you can’t see straight for the love cloud that is circling around you like an unstoppable tornado…you are trapped.  Can being trapped in this triangle really be love?  You find yourself in an impossible situation and the only escape route is to ask questions and plenty of them.  Perhaps, when you are ready there is just one question that needs to answered…  …which one of the two, loves YOU more??

© Michelle Sotiriou 2013