Take a chance on you!

Abba sang “Take a chance on me”, in the hope that someone would. Over think something and the moment of you ‘taking that chance’ will probably slip away. Do you strike while the irons hot or are you frightened of getting your fingers burned? 
It’s the fear of the unknown that holds so many people back; ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you…so the saying goes.  In reality, the only thing you have to think about is what you could potentially lose or was there anything to lose to begin with?
Taking a chance on something that could change your life in ways you can only imagine possible; taking a chance on yourself is where it becomes a little more complicated. For so many reasons, we are unable to see that ultimately both amount to the same thing.
Fortune, luck, fate; we all have different interpretations on what could be, should be and will be.  A movie that depicts a bold chance taken by Elizabeth Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts) was ‘Eat Pray Love’.  Some of you will see this as a chick flick, not so.  I’m sure anyone who has seen this movie can identify with each character in one way or another. Even the male leads took chances, seeking to change things in the hope that they will find their place.
I say place for a reason. I hear people say, “I just want to find some peace”, myself included…I’ve said and thought it many times.  I realize now that finding my place is the first step to knowing peace.  That place is where ever you want and need it to be. 
“Home is where the heart is”, another old saying that I’m inclined to agree with.
© Michelle Sotiriou 2012